The procedure of Miracle Silky Straight ening ( MSS )

We're going to explain the  brand new  MSS system.
This is whole new Straighten perm ( Straightening )

This is the model before having the  MSS.
She had a normal Straightening about six months ago and we can see her new wavy hair coming out from the root.
Especially hair ends were bleached and  got damaged.
So from the middle to the end  is frizzy hair.


It depends on a hair condition and texture , we choose the chemicals.
We use three types of chemicals in this case, roots , middle and the  ends of her hair.
These chemicals have active  ingredients, so we're OK if we work barehanded.


We apply the chemicals and leave It for about 30minutes.




This is after washing her hair.
It seems that it's quite tangled but it's OK




Comb through her hair gently and then apply some kinds of treatments a lot.


The treatments adsorb to her hair because of heating.


Using Straighten iron to strech her hair little by little.
We change the temperature of the iron from the roots to the ends.
It's ironing at a slightly lower temperature than a normal Straighten perm.
So that's why we can creat more natural feeling.


We finshed the ironing.






After that we apply the neutralizer to keep the beautiful straight hair.
Leave it for 10 minutes.





Add more neutralizer especially around the hairline  at the shampooing basin.


Washed away the neutralizer.
Finally we can dry her hair.





Look at this beautiful shiny hair!
All we have to do is “ just dry ”  That's all.
Of course we didn't use straighten  iron, brurhes, hair styling products and  hair stylist's special techniques for finishing.





She was very happy with her brand new silky and smooth hair.

Thank you!



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